One of our most popular offerings at FlexAppeal is our small group training, typically in groups of 2 to 12 people. Whether you gather your own group or choose to come and make new friends, it’s an approach with many benefits!

What Is Small Group Training?

Small group training is simply the extension of standard, one-on-one personal training. The focus in a group is less on education about personal fitness and more on getting in a regular workout. The cost is lower compared to one-on-one training and you receive more personal attention than a large exercise classes – it’s a win/win situation!

Camaraderie and Motivation

Many people feel more at ease when they are not the sole focus of attention. A group also provides a sense of camaraderie, that everyone is in this together. Social support is a powerful tool for motivation, and makes your workout something you’ll really look forward to!

Fun and Versatile

Working with a group allows us to try different workouts and strategies as we try to meet the needs of each participant. It’s a great way to explore fitness together while keeping things fresh and fun!

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Small Group Fitness Session

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