Jude Wing

I am amazed to wake up in the morning and my muscles are hard all over my body. When Lisa says it’s a full body workout, I get a full body workout. And she made it fun getting here. Lisa is the best.

Lisa McEllistrem

I’ve worked with several trainers in the Twin Cities and Lisa Hane is far and away the best trainer in town! She customizes the program to fit my goals, makes sure every session is new and interesting and pushes me beyond what I thought I could do. As a competitive athlete in crew, running, boxing and body building, Lisa knows how to train athletes to meet their goals as well as people like me who want to get into better shape. Lisa’s personal training studio, Flex Appeal, has free parking, easy to access, no membership fees and easy and quick to get in and out. Love it. I don’t have time to wait through a check-in line and get caught in a busy locker room. Flex Appeal is perfect. Small, great equipment and lots of great trainers.

Susan Gray

Before I started training with Lisa Hane two years ago, I was a woman in my mid 40’s with a husband, kids and a full-time job. I was frustrated by the failure of countless diets and exercise fads that I had tried to get in shape.
I have experienced an amazing transformation through both personal training sessions and classes with Lisa. She has helped me to lose weight, gain strength and make physical activity a permanent and actually E N J O Y A B L E part of my busy life!

Lisa’s extensive knowledge of fitness, enthusiasm and go-get-‘um attitude is incredibly motivating. She uses an endless variety of challenging routines and activities to keep workouts fun and interesting. I really appreciate how she customizes workouts for me and encourages me to push beyond my comfort zone.

Working with Lisa has given me new confidence in myself, energy, and an eagerness to try new activities. And best of all, as a result of how good I feel physically I am now a happier, healthier person.

Give Lisa a try-you deserve it!

Trae Brown

I lost 25 pounds in ten weeks, the healthy way! Flex Appeal helped me to keep my commitment to nutrition and cardio for the first time in my life!

Kristi Rendahl

Some people are born gym rats, while the rest of us need inspiration and professional guidance. Lisa Hane is that inspiration and guidance for me. I can honestly say that I look forward to working out now. Lisa designs individualized workouts, not canned routines, so it’s never boring. Most importantly, she pushes me beyond my limits. I’ve learned that my strength and endurance is far greater than I previously thought, because she doesn’t let me stop while it’s still easy. That’s the life lesson that comes out of training with Lisa — we don’t know all that we can do until we go beyond our own expectations. Flex Appeal is in a terrific location with ample parking, has a wide range of equipment, and a general aura of positivity. I highly recommend Flex Appeal and Lisa to anyone who wants to take their health seriously, and have fun doing it!

Chris Valentas

I started attending the sweat and sculpt classes at Flex Appeal a few months ago, with Lisa Hane as the trainer. Not only have I seen fabulous results in my strength, energy level, and appearance, but I also see a difference in my attitude towards working out. Before it was a chore, but Lisa makes it fun and challenging at the same time. She chooses exercises that hit all parts of the body, yet varies it from class to class so you don’t get bored. She is focused and engaged to make sure you get the best out of your workout. She is a good motivator and gives nothing put positive encouragement. I highly recommend this class. Lisa’s professionalism, positive encouragement, and creative ideas keep me coming back for more!

Jerry Johnson

Over the last 2.5 years of working with Lisa Hane, I have seen her achieve weightloss and fitness results with people of every age and fitness level. Lisa has an amazing ability to motivate her clients to work hard and challenge themselves without being intimidating. Lisa has helped to make fitness achievable and fun again.

Ann Swanson, Ph.D.

Lisa is the absolute BEST! I don’t know what my husband and I would do without her – we certainly would be slugs and OUT OF SHAPE. With Lisa as our coach we can put our energy into things like our kids and work instead of trying to motivate ourselves to work out. Our focused time with Lisa allows us to get the work out we need to ward off aging. She understands our aches and pains and modifies our routines to take past athletic injuries into account. She is flexible, creative and FUNNY! She continually changes the type of exercises we do to keep it interesting. The time flies – she is great at distracting your mind. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lisa as a personal trainer/coach.

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