Before I started training with Lisa Hane two years ago, I was a woman in my mid 40’s with a husband, kids and a full-time job. I was frustrated by the failure of countless diets and exercise fads that I had tried to get in shape.
I have experienced an amazing transformation through both personal training sessions and classes with Lisa. She has helped me to lose weight, gain strength and make physical activity a permanent and actually E N J O Y A B L E part of my busy life!

Lisa’s extensive knowledge of fitness, enthusiasm and go-get-‘um attitude is incredibly motivating. She uses an endless variety of challenging routines and activities to keep workouts fun and interesting. I really appreciate how she customizes workouts for me and encourages me to push beyond my comfort zone.

Working with Lisa has given me new confidence in myself, energy, and an eagerness to try new activities. And best of all, as a result of how good I feel physically I am now a happier, healthier person.

Give Lisa a try-you deserve it!