Welcome to Flex Appeal. The Twin Cities Personal Training Experts.Welcome to Flex Appeal.  The Twin Cities Personal Training Experts.

Trainer Bios

Lisa Hane

Lisa Hane, the owner of Flex Appeal, has a passion for the practice and discipline of physical training. A consummate professional, she continues to bring the best trainers together with the best and most innovative equipment. This ensures that Flex Appeal is always welcoming and always at the cutting edge of training.

She personalizes in a training style that is high-energy, dynamic, always changing and aggressive. As a result, clients burn calories and gain lean muscle while increasing stamina, endurance and strength. Training involves high-intensity, aerobic and plyometric moves compounded with in-motion or stationary resistance weight training and is never the same thing twice!

All sessions are adapted to the skill level of the client, but all clients will be invited to push their limits (safely) and as result, discover and achieve whole new levels of strength and endurance.

Education & Certifications: World Instructor Training School & American Council On Exercise certified; Amateur Body Builder Competitor; CrossFit Kettlebell certified; TRX Suspension Trainer certified, and on-going competitor in Marathons; Half-Marathons; X-Country Ski Races & Challenge Races such as the Tough Mudder and the Ragnar 24-Hour Relay.

Dawn Baas

Dawn has a simple but profound formula: a healthy body equals a healthy mind equals a positive outlook on life. She creates a customized workout for each and every client, ensuring that your training session meets you exactly where you are, yet continues to move you toward the next level of fitness. In this way, you are always within your physical capacity to succeed, but also working on a new set of challenges.

Dawn uses a wide variety of equipment and practices including, free weights, kettlebells, fitness ball/body weight exercises and cable machines for an innovative session that addresses the entire body. As a result, you will enjoy a new level of fitness, energy and, best yet, confidence.

Education & Certifications: American Council of Exercise certified personal trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, Certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise, Lifestyle & Weight Management Certification, TRX Suspension Trainer and CrossFit Kettlebell certified.

Holly Margl

Holly offers her clients two powerful tools. She is an accomplished personal trainer bringing athletes and “everyday” people to new levels of physical performance. AND, she is a certified Wellness Coach, helping her clients create change from the “inside out.” As clients learn how to access and leverage their deepest desires, they bring their “A” game to all aspects of their life. In turn, they create the life and health that reflects their best self and deepest desires. As a personal trainer, her superior knowledge of athletic conditioning has helped countless clients accomplish their physical goals. As a Wellness Coach, deeply conversant with the vibrant new field of coaching psychology, clients discover how to create profound happiness and wellbeing as creators of their own “destiny.” Physical training and Wellness Coaching is available either as separate paths or a combined program.

Education & Certifications: U of M, BS in Psychology and Chemical Dependency Counseling; National Strength & Conditioning Association, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist; USA Triathlon Certified Coach; National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer; and Wellcoaches Corporation, Certified Wellness Coach. For more information on Wellness Coaching and Holly in particular, visit: www.alohacoach.com.

Mary Whittenhall

Mary Whittenhall uses her deep understanding of health and fitness to see her clients through their personal journeys toward a new sense of vitality, energy and confidence that is grounded in a healthy and fit lifestyle. She helps her clients create and set goals that are motivating and fun.

Mary uses her background and training in CrossFit style workouts to deliver a training session that focuses on compound and functional movements and high-intensity and anaerobic cardio to create visible and measurable fitness results for novices to athletes, of all ages. Her core strength and conditioning program is designed to optimize physical competence in ten core fitness domains: cardiovascular endurance; stamina; strength; flexibility; power; speed; coordination; agility; balance and accuracy. As a result, her clients set and achieve goals while obtaining new levels of energy and confidence.

Education & Certifications: BA Sports & Wellness Management, Trinity International University; National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer; and certified by Cross Fit in the following disciplines: Kettlebell; Level One Trainer; Gymnastics; Endurance and Mobility.

Andrea Jensen-Mason

Andrea’s core belief is that health and fitness is an attainable, sustainable and rewarding way of life and key to longevity. She structures programs and workouts that are fun and do-able, but also progressive and challenging. As a result, her clients are able to achieve dramatic and visible results.

She offers personal training to a complete spectrum of clients including: first time novices and athletic competitors; individuals seeking weight loss programs (proudest accomplishment–helping a client achieve a 100 pound weight loss!); body building figure contest preparation (several clients have achieved 1st place in body building shows!) and pre and post natal exercises resulting in easier deliveries and quick return to pre-baby figures.

Education & Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer; American College of Sports Medicine, support and exercise for Cancer Survivors; former body building figure contest competitor; active in running, yoga, weight training and a long standing interest in nutrition and creation of healthy recipes and eating habits.

Jeff Makepeace

Jeff began his journey into personal training by first transforming himself. Plagued by countless knee and back problems, the scales eventually tipped at 300 pounds! Physically and emotionally, it was time for a change. If he remained doing what he was doing, the result would be permanent injury and irreversible damage to his body. Slowly but surely, Jeff lost over 100 pounds.

Because of this personal experience, Jeff is able to motivate people at any fitness level with patience and persistence. “I know how hard it is to look in the mirror and feel frustrated and deeply discouraged. And I can tell you, it is possible to change, no matter where you are at right now.” He likes to infuse his sessions with unorthodox and unexpected routines, keeping you smiling the whole time while seeing real results!

Education & Certifications: Certified by American College of Sports Medicine, Former Division I Athlete (water polo), Strength Training & Conditioning Coach for Men’s Swim Team (Hopkins High School) and currently pursuing a doctorate in Physical Therapy form the University of Minnesota.

Gudrun Brooks

Gudrun (Goodie) believes that the goal of fitness is to achieve greater energy and vitality, no matter what your age. Working with a full spectrum of clients, she creates a highly supportive, safe environment that makes it fun to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

In addition to offering personal training sessions, Gudrun is also a Thai Yoga Massage Professional, offering both traditional and seated version and sessions at Flex Appeal. With both these professional capacities, Gudrun can offer deep insight and recommendations for obtaining your optimal fitness and performance level–from athletic training, to general toning, strength building and flexibility or the special concerns of seniors seeking greater energy and balance.

Education & Certifications: B. A. Corporate Fitness, University of St. Thomas, American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer, and an enthusiastic participant and advocate of running, biking, yoga, tennis and cross-country skiing.

All trainers are nationally certified and keep up-to-date with on-going continuing education

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